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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

HeyPager! is a startup that provides website building and hosting by focusing on a streamlined approach. Heypager! launched in 2020, in Turkiye. Our solution is so successful that we are now serving customers all around the US, the UK, Canada and the Netherlands.

We believe every business, regardless of the scale, needs a professional website. However, until HeyPager! achieving this was not easy. Before Heypager! you simply had two choices: to work with an expensive agency and wait months, or to build your own amateur website.

With our solution, you will get a fully functioning professional website. The only thing you have to do is choose your template and send your contents. Our pagers will build your website in just a week!

Why? How?

How does it work?

We developed a basic, lightweight WordPress theme that can adapt to your needs. We integrated it with WordPress’s favorite, most flexible builder, Elementor

With Elementor support, we get access to thousands of templates that were built by professional designers all around the world. Then, we let you choose the template of your choice to create your business website.

After you select your template, our international team of web developers (Pagers) will start working on it right away. Since a real person will be working on your site, we are able to make sure that it is unique, professional, and bug free. Our Pagers will finish it in a week and send you the demo. Then, after your feedback and revisions, we move it to your own domain.

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